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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome everyone

Dear friends and loyal readers,

Welcome to what will quickly become the biggest blog to ever exist on the interwebz. Hosted of course by the two greatest men to ever live, myself and my life partner.

As this blog progresses towards legend and infinity, we hope to take you on a journey of our sports thoughts, farts, and ideas, along with a general inanity and disregard for logical thought. Though most of our thoughts will focus around Bay Area sports, we will take some time to discuss the larger picture as well. Hopefully things will update and get off the ground quickly, but for now, we should all take pause and remember what was the biggest Bay Area sports story of the Year, the San Francisco Giants. And I mean it. Reflect on it for at least 60 seconds. Go.

"Not once am I sitting here turning around, anxious about how this thing is gonna play out. Cause I know how it's gonna end. They're gonna find a way. They're gonna figure out a way to win a ballgame"
-Mike Krukow, during the postgame wrap after game four of the NLCS


  1. please make more than one post otherwise i will mostly comment on the CGBs. the first post is the easiest