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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giants Reality TV Show?!?

I get it -- Hard Knocks, then the 24/7 Winter Classic Special. MLB wants a piece of the cash cow.

But why the Giants? Why not go distract the Phillies and their 18 Cy Young Winners. Or the Red Sox who just signed their bat boy to a $100 million contract?

It may be cool to see all that inside footage once it's all done and edited, but if the G-men are 12 back in June, something tells me Bochy might pull a Stan Verrett on those cameras.

And what if we see things we don't want to see? Like Pablo on a Twinke binge or Wilson dying his beard?

Don't get me wrong, I like that the Giants are trying to increase their brand and use their recent success to become more visible on the national scene. It might encourage Sportscenter to spend more than 15 seconds on Giants highlights every night.

But another part of me is nostalgic. It'll never be the same as last year when they were that scrappy, unheard of bunch who snuck up and stole the show. Sigh, such is the price of winning I suppose.

But let's be real -- we'll pay that price any day of the week. And we'll like it.

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