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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers-Bears Final Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, the great Kaleb Hanie!

He definitely made it a game. Of course, he almost lost it with that Raji interception. Which was HILARIOUS. I couldn't find a video of his tight dance, so this will have to suffice.

Then of course, he did lose it on the final drive. But hell, he looked better than Mr. Cutler.

A tip of the cap to the Bears defense, who stifled the Packer offense for the second half. They made the adjustments they needed to make. Rodgers didn't have his scrambling lanes, and the running game was effectively shut down. Once the Packers became one dimensional, it was much easier for the Bears to cover the Packer receivers.

A tip of the cap to the Packer defense, who made big plays when they needed to, even though they, at times, made Kaleb Hanie look like Joe Montana. Hanie gets the tip of the cap too. Next to nothing experience, and they bench Collins for him. He came out there and performed at a pretty high level.

McCarthy almost coached himself out of this one. If you are the Packers, you pass. That's what you do best. Stop trying to run against a defense with their ears pinned back looking for it.

In the end, the Pack wins, Aaron gets to go to the Superbowl, and we now get to be excited to watch the AFC championship, which I'm sure my counterpart will cover.

On another note, watching the Cal-USC men's basketball game last night was a lot of fun. You can find great recaps on it here:

California Golden Blogs

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