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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Really Exciting Stuff

Well, sports fans, I was skiing all weekend and did not have a chance to watch very much in the way of the exciting playoff games offered to us. Fortunately, I can get back to my lazy couch potato ways.... now.

So, first of all. AARON RODGERS!!!!!! Highlights from the game below.

He was absolutely fantastic. He is going to win the Super Bowl. Not the Steelers. I can't let Frank have too much sports glory, or I will have as much power as Dr. Zoidberg.

Also, in case you didn't notice:

A's sign Balfour
And This:
A's sign Fuentes

The A's are beginning to look like a very formidable force in the AL West. They quite possibly now have the deepest pitching staff in the AL, if not the majors. They also have added three names you may or may not know. Dejesus, Matsui, Willingham. Yeah, they're not household names, but they're established hitters who combined with the likes of Crisp, Suzuki, and Kouz make the A's less than the laughable bunch of lovable goofballs yet poor hitters they were in 2010. Oh yeah, remember that Giants team we keep lauding? They were nobodies too. Then they did good.

Expect a much more complete post on this later, but I love what's going on, and I'm very excited to see what Beane's next move is. I don't think he's done. And even if he is, the depth the A's have is astounding.

Get excited for the NFC and AFC championship games next weekend. Hopefully I have time to watch. Go Packers!

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