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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ten Bold Predictions for 2011

Originally Frank said he was gonna do this, but seeing as he owes us a Steelers recap still, I thought I'd step in to predict the rest of the year.

Lakers nor Celtics nor Heat in Finals
That's right. I said it. Bynum can't stay healthy enough to add a presence, Kobe tires, Fisher commits more fouls than a soccer player. Dallas and San Antonio step in. Garnett's knee gives out, Perkins can't stay on the court. The lack of depth of the Heat proves to be their end. The Magic trade for another big to help out Howard. We get to see someone different in the finals this year.

Golden Bears win Pac-12 football championship
OK. I said they were going to be BOLD. So damnit, I believe it. The O-line finally gels. The receivers remember how to catch the ball. Beau Sweeney remembers how to throw a spiral. The defense continues to grow and tackle. USC is still fading, Washington fails without Locker, Oregon's gimmicks wear out..... there it is. Believe it.

Tiger Woods regains number one, wins Masters
Tiger makes his return. His knee finally heals. His drama is behind him. He remembers how to play golf like he did two years ago, and the furdie dog that he is rises back to power. Not without trials, mind you. He won't be the dominant force he once was, but he will regain the number one ranking and play like the champion he is.

Packers win Superbowl
Aaron Rodgers, or, "The Second Coming", leads the Packers over the Steelers in two weeks to win it all. Nuff said.

A's and Giants both win divisions
The Giants come in hot and ready to roll. I haven't seen the other teams in the NL add enough to combat what the Giants still have. Tejada won't quite be Pooribe, but Pablo won't be as bad as he was last season. Posey will be even better. The A's have reloaded. Bullpen arguably best in the majors. Lineup finally respectable. The Rangers won't repeat that pitching performance. Beltre won't be the answer. Seattle will still be laughable. A's win.

CBA signed, two more reg season games added
Simply put. Football will be played. The owners will get their two more games and lower rookie salaries in exchange for better health benefits and pensions. Football happens. Everybody is happy.

Yankees do not make Postseason
Their age and lack of pitching catches up with them. Boston wins the East, the Wildcard comes out of the Central. They will make a big trade at the deadline, but it won't be enough.

Harbaugh returns the 49ers to a winning season
I think he's going to be a good coach. When I say winning season, I mean 8-8, so... better than bad. They'll eventually be a factor again and return to some glory. Also, the HarBowl will be pretty epic.

SEC Does Not Make National Championship
That's right. I'm looking at a Big 10/Pac-12/ACC/NON BCS!!! national championship game... it'll technically be in 2012, but work with me.

San Diego State makes Final Four
Maybe the least bold prediction, because they'll probably get a two or three seed unless they implode. But they're good, and they're going to make a run at it. Another mid-major playing for it all!

Alright, counter me as you will. But again, I definitely said bold.

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  1. Too bad I sold my soul to the devil last weekend to get a Lakers Celtics rematch in the finals...and a bagel. I regret not also asking for the lakers to WIN.