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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers-Bears FIrst Half Thoughts, 14-0

Well, I may have called this one a bit wrong. But I am ok with that, as it is happening in my favor.

This is all Green Bay, and all Aaron Rodgers. Halfway through this thing, the QBs should not even be compared.

Rodgers: 10/15 156 yards 10.4 YPP 0 TD (1 Rush) 1 INT 73.2 Rating
Cutler: 6/13 80 yards 6.2ypp 0 TD 1 Int 34.1 Rating

More interesting to look at is Cutler's passes. Except for the big play to Knox, he did not complete another pass to a wide receiver. Everything else has been a screen pass or a dump off to a running back. The pressure has gotten there. He is not comfortable in the pocket. When he tries to throw down the field it gets overthrown or into the hands of a Packer.

Rodgers doesn't look like the GOD he is, but he still looks good. The game seems to slow down for him. He makes great decisions. He knows when to throw and when to run. The one interception near the end of the half was a fluke.

In the Locker Room:

Bears: Have to figure out or to open up the passing game. The Packers are doing a good job keying on Forte and not allowing him to get free. If Cutler can hit Hester and Knox, this game could turnaround. The Bears haven't done a terrible job on defense, especially with that stand on their 35. However, they need to hold the running lanes and not let Rodgers escape the pocket, or this will continue to be a long afternoon.

Packers: Keep doing what they're doing. They took the crowd out of it. They established a downfield passing game. They established the run. They are getting to Cutler. I would like to see them get the TEs established and keep up the WRs, who they did't throw to late in the half.

Good luck to both teams!

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