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Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 Reasons Why the Packers Will Win the Super Bowl

With Frank so convinced that the Steelers will somehow win yet another Super Bowl, I have taken it upon myself to tell you all why the Green Bay Packers will be your Super Bowl champions.

The game you will see Sunday, Feb. 6 will be a tightly contested one between two great teams. You first have the Steelers. A team with six Super Bowl titles to their name already and hailing from a wonderful blue-collar city. Then, the Packers. You might call them the people's team, as they are the only publicly owned professional sports franchise. Most of the people in Wisconsin own a piece of them. The Packers are a team of destiny. The Steelers wave is about to come crashing down. It's like Conan the Barbarian. The Packers are Conan. The Steelers are James Earl Jones. Conan is coming for you, and he knows what is best in life.

So, other than being really cool, here are the five reasons why the Green Bay Packers will be your Super Bowl XLV champions.

1. Karma

The Steelers have angered Crom. Between Roethlisberger, a womanizer and rapist, Polamalu, a Trojan and hair enthusiast, and Harrison, a psychopath, the Steelers have a crop of players who are not good people. Bad people can't win the Superbowl. There is more and more evidence of this every year. You don't think karma plays into it? Do you really think the Saints won last year just on skill. You're wrong. It was destiny. Aaron Rodgers has taken so much crap over the last decade missing out of championships and what have you. Its time he gets what is coming to him. Which is a great thing considering how good of a person he is. Crom will not let the Steelers win a seventh Lombardi trophy with this cast on their roster.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Will Ferrell was actually describing what Rodgers is about to do here. Could not find it on youtube, so, many apologies. Watch at 2:28.

He is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL. He does it without a running game. He does it with a none-too-impressive O-line. He throws the deep ball, he throws the screen. He throws on the run. He throws in the pocket. The guy is just freaking good. He is the X factor above anyone else in this game.

Here's a video of him being awesome last year.

He is the second coming. He will lead the faithful to salvation. Ben has nothing and is a bum. This could easily be reasons 1-5. He will do it. And everyone will eat cheese to celebrate.

3. Raji, Matthews, Bishop, Jenkins, Hawk and Co.

The Green Bay defense is as good as it has been in a long while. The front 7 is going to give the Steelers fits. As I see the Steelers, they have a good balanced offense. However, there has to be balance in order for them to be successful at either. If they are forced to go run or pass heavy, its game over. I see the Packer pass rush blowing by a beaten offensive line. I see them showing looks they haven't shown all season. I see them filling the holes and stopping the running game. The Steeler offense will never hit their stride. Game, Packers.

4. Treman Williams and Charles Woodson
With the front seven harassing Ben and the running backs, the cornerbacks of the packers will have a field day. These are world class players with world class talents. Ben will be intercepted at least twice during the game. Wallace and Ward will be blanketed during the rest of the attempts. The Steelers won't move the ball.

Here's what Woodson did last season:

5. The Hunger
The Packers want this. They want this for Aaron. They want this for the doubters. No one has doubted the Steelers. No one likes a dynasty except for the fans of the team that has it. The Packers have the bigger chip on their shoulder. They're eager to make this happen, and there's no reason why they can't. I know Frank pointed this out as a reason why the Jets might beat the Steelers, and then they didn't. The Packers want it way more than the worst QB in the NFL (Sanchez). Hunger will play a part in this game, and the packers are hungrier. That, and Crom is on their side.