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Monday, April 18, 2011

NBA Playoffs in Full Swing

Some say that October is the greatest sports month. World Series, NFL underway, college football in full swing, NBA and NHL about ready to start. However, it occurs to me that April is pretty awesome too. Baseball begins, NCAA basketball ends, NBA and NHL playoffs, football spring practices and NFL draft, it's some pretty sweet times for sports fans!

So we've already done a post about the NHL, which means we can only rep the NBA as well. So, here we go, one game in: first round preview of the LONGEST playoffs every year.

Note: Yes, the NBA playoff calendar is honestly my least favorite playoff. It takes way too long, and it bothers me that teams with sub-.500 records get a chance to play for the title. It just reeks of the "we want more money" mantra. I feel this way about the NHL too, but I find that it tends to be much more competitive than a Bulls-Pacers matchup.

Eastern Conference
1. Chicago Bulls v. 8. Indiana Pacers
Cheer all you can Indiana, but the Bulls have this one in the bag. Rose, Noah, Deng and Boozer look fantastic, Rose possibly could be the league's MVP. Granger and company won't have enough to keep PACErs. Get it? Bulls in a clean sweep.

2. Miami Heat v. 7. Philadelphia 76ers
As much as I like Holiday, Brand, Young, and Iguodala, I don't think the 76ers can match firepower with the Big 3. Though yes, I would love to see the talent wasted in South Beach, I gotta go with the Heat in 5.

3. Boston Celtics v. 6. New York Knicks
The story is tired here, will the Old Men of the Celtics come together and end the "Melo"drama in New York. After watching the Knicks blow it down the stretch last night, I'm going to have to side with Boston, in 6 games.

4. Orlando Magic v. 5. Miami Heat
Another tossup in the East. Can Josh Smith and Joe Johnson take down Dwight Howard and the magic? I think so, apparently. Hawks win the upset in 7 games.

Western Conference
1. San Antonio Spurs v. 8. Memphis Grizzlies
The Grizzlies surprised everyone by winning game one in San Antonio, but I'm not one to believe that it will last. Hopefully they prove me wrong. Spurs in 6.

2. LA Lakers v. 7. New Orleans Hornets
The Lakers also got upset in round one, and this time, I'm a little more convinced that an upset could take place. Chris Paul is an absolute force. Kobe is still good, but I'd love to see him fail. Hornets in 6, winning their 3 home games.

3. Dallas Mavericks v. 6. Portland Trailblazers
The Mavericks took the first one without much of an issue. Nowitzski, Kidd and company have a run left in them for sure. Kidd is playing fantastically, and Gerald Wallace doesn't look to be his best. Mavs in 5.

4. OKC Thunder v. 5. Denver Nuggets
Simply put, I don't think the new look Nuggets minus Melo and Chauncey have enough chemistry to put away the new kids on the block. Durant, Westbrook and company will show how a winning team is built, not bought. Thunder in 6.


  1. Why oh why must they play a best of 7 in the opening round? It boggles the mind. What's worse is they spread it to 3 games a week. I know they run a lot, but two weeks per series is ridiculous. Wake me up for the conference finals.

    April's a pretty good month. If being born in April is cool, consider me Miles Davis. June's pretty rockin too. Check out the 30 for 30 film "June 17th, 1994" if you want more sports than your brain has room for. Major events in basically every sport, all overshadowed by O.J. fleeing police in his Bronco. This, as well as all installations, are worth the buy and the repeated viewing.

  2. I dunno if you can write off the Pacers just like that - they stuck it pretty close in Game 1 (shocked me too) and they're doing REALLY well in Game 2 right now. This could be a ridiculous upset if they pull it off.