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Friday, April 8, 2011

Baseball Is Alive!


Welcome home. Here is your team. I hope you got your rest during the off season.

I would have left work an hour ago were it not for this ridiculous baseball game. I knew as soon as I left work they'd lose, so I forced myself to stay.

I started writing this post with the Giants up 4-3 heading into the 9th. I didn' want jinx anything, but I was feeling pretty good. Then, after the Cardinals went ahead, I wrote this lead:

"With two outs and nobody on in the 9th inning, the Giants still find a way to screw things up and open their home with perhaps the most excruciating loss imaginable. Yay!"

My pulse is still higher than medically recommended, meaning most of what I'm writing likely doesn't make sense. But the fact that the Giants can blow lead in the 9th. Then blow a runner on 3rd NO OUT scenario -- only to win the game. I just, I just don't know.

Aaron Rowand is the greatest man to have ever lived.

Here's what I had written originally, before the sky turned dark, then light, then dark, then light again:

So many good things!
First, Cal Baseball was officially reinstated today. Thus, baseball is no longer dead.

Second, it's Opening Day in San Francisco!

After a long and arduous hunt for an Opening Day ticket under $100, I conceded and decided to simply walk down to the ballpark during my lunch break to soak in the ambiance and watch the Pre Game ceremony from beyond Right Field. It was a gorgeous day on McCovey Cove. And while I'm getting to the point where I want the Giants to put the World Series behind them and focus on grounding into fewer double plays, it was a very special ceremony.

I'll be in the house tomorrow for the ring ceremony and on Sunday for Posey's Rookie of the Year presentation.

Here are some photo highlights:

New Plaque by Willie Mays Plaza

Plaque behind Right Field

Matt Cain is Introduced

Brian Wilson tips his cap.

Pre-Game fireworks -- not the stadium exploding after Wilson's blow save.

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