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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why the Packers Will Win, A Quick Hit Rebuttal

Well, my scripture has been besmirched. I sent you all to the mountaintop, and my sermon fell on deaf ears. My words had been given unto me from on high, and I spoke them with conviction in the hope that you, my flock, would follow me to the path of salvation behind the right arm of our Second Coming, Aaron Rodgers. So, as my respected counterpart has provided you with false words to turn you toward the path of evil and sin, I am forced to write a rebuttal to turn you all back to the way of righteousness. Seriously, its in Epheseans 6, I'm not making this up.

Zack Follett - Response to my comments made from zack follett on Vimeo.

1. Karma and Hunger, the intangibles
Frank is just loathe to admit that the Packers have it on their side. Yes, its intangible. Yes, both teams have some unscrupulous characters. But really, when it's all said and done, which team has the second coming? Which team needs to forget Brent and move on with Aaron, just to show the football gods that Brent is a terrible human being as well? That's right. The intangibles are the same reasons Frank argues that Ben is a top 5 quarterback in the league. The Packers have them here.

2. Sure, the Steelers are the best team that the Packers have played since week 15. I don't understand how this equals advantage Steelers. Week 17 was a snow bowl of a game, I wouldn't look too hard at those stats. The Giants were almost a playoff team, and desperately needed that game to make it there, and the Packers came out and steamrolled them. Say what you want about the Falcons defense, their offense is strong enough to destroy most of the time. And say what you want about the Bears, but all season they found ways to win, and that means more that stats most of the time, as Frank so eloquently points out when discussing Big Ben. The Packers have had good wins and close games all season. There will not be a let down.

3. Have you seen Rodgers' career stats when he plays indoors? They are insane! From Sports Illustrated:

Indoors 11 308 25 5 5.00
Outdoors 39 261 71 28 2.54

Read more:

Do some mental math. Almost 2.5 TDs/game. Less than .5 INT/game. Forget almost everything I've said about Rodgers so far. This is the part that matters. The boy is good. He actually, according to the article, has the highest passer rating indoors of all-time. This bodes well for Jerryworld. Aaron is about to pick apart the secondary of the Pittsburgh before you can say Punxsutawny. Did you try saying it? TOUCHDOWN! Now say it five times fast. You are now my slave. And.... to go along with this point:

4. The Steelers have not fared well this season against elite QBs
Granted, they haven't played very many elite quarterbacks this year. They got beat by Brees early in the season, and then destroyed by Brady in week 10. Since that loss to Brady, the Steelers have faced: Campbell/Gradkowski, Fitzpatrick, Flacco, Palmer, Sanchez (lost, made him look good), Clausen, McCoy, and then Flacco and Sanchez again. With the exception of possibly Flacco, none of these come close to my top 10. Now, I'm not saying that Tomlin and LeBeau don't know how to prepare for a big time quarterback. I'm not saying that Polamalu hasn't seen Rodger's before. I am saying that sometimes not having seen someone of this quality for some time, one can be slow to react to the heightened level of ability. With Rodgers outstanding indoor stats, it would not surprise me to see the Packers jump out to an early lead on what looks to be a sluggish Steeler defense. Then, by the time they wake up, the Packers are too far ahead, and the Steeler offense is forced to lose their balance, and then becomes a throwing club. As the dominoes fall, the Pack front seven pins their ears back and makes hay out of a patchwork Steeler offensive line, driving Ben to the ground again and again. The Packers then coast to victory as McCarthy learns from last week, does not take his foot off the accelerator, and lets Rodgers pass the ball to glory. Packers win, 31-24.


  1. I'm prety sure it's also his two Super Bowl rings (more than any active QB besides Brady) that puts Ben in the Top 5.

    But good points all around.