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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giants Ticket Iron Still Hot / 30 for 30 MLB Countdown

To my knowledge, there is only one thing that can cheer a person up after their team falls just short of greatness.

Ok, three. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is one. Dogs are another (but please, not like this).

But the one I'm thinking of is jumping on tickets to a sporting event early, paying a ridiculously cheap price and watching remaining tickets soar to 3 times what you paid.

Maybe it's just me, but finding a great deal on tickets is one of the small but meaningful victories we peons can get against the Man. The Man is smart. That's how he became the Man, after all.

The Man thinks, "Hmm, what are the two most sought after games of the year? Why, Opening Day and Opening Night of course!"

"Now, what if we make it so that in order to purchase tickets to these games, customers also have to commit to paying full face value price for mid-week night games against crappy opponents, despite the fact that they could quite literally get the same ticket on StubHub for $5! Hurumph Hurmph Hurmph!!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, "The Six Pack" ticket package. 

Now by no means am I knocking the Giants. It's a great business strategy. People will pay it, especially the year after winning the World Series. But it forces the nimble foxes of the ticket world to find other means.

A few posts ago I tried to spread the word on great deals on StubHub. Hopefully you jumped into action because prices are already steadily increasing now that single-game tickets went on sale. For example, I got 4 upper deck tickets to Opening Night for $33 a piece on StubHub. Today, the cheapest ticket to that game on StubHub is $99!

Of course, you could always just go buy a six pack, get Opening Night tickets for $80 (and pay $35 per ticket to see the Giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks, Florida Marlins and the Cal Intramural Baseball Club).

So I say again, strike while the Iron is hot! Tickets to the Phillies series in August are still only $15-$25 per ticket. Come August, the cheapest seat to those games will be at least $40. Same goes for the first Dodgers Series and A's tickets. I know it's scary making purchases for games so far in the future. So much could happen between now and then, like the Earth ending (says that guy in Oakland) or worse, the Giants falling out of contention. But in the long run, it's worth it.  


In case you couldn't tell, Eric and I are getting very excited for the upcoming baseball season.

In an effort to both enlighten our loyal readers on the happenings of each Major League Team and to sharpen our collective baseball wit, we are hosting our own 30 for 30 countdown in which we'll preview each of the 30 Major League Baseball Teams in 30 posts between the start of Spring Training and Opening Day. We will discuss each team's off-season happenings, expectations for the coming season and our own predictions for their results.

A few weeks back Eric and I held a draft in which we selected which teams we would each cover. Here were the results:

RoundEric Frankie
3Red SoxPhillies
7White SoxTigers
9Indians Twins
11Mariners Nationals 
12Jays Padres
15Orioles Astros

It's easy to tell from our draft results where our allegiances lie. Eric has all but two AL teams, while I have all but two NL teams.

We'll be counting down from Round 15 to Round 1, so you'll have to sit tight for your Giants and A's previews. But in the meantime, you'll get some quick hits on each team's competition for the 2011 campaign.

So stay tuned for Eric's write up on the Orioles coming soon. I'll start off by tackling the Astros.

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