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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Big 4, and What Happened to the NBA

One of the major ideas when we started this blog was going to be an outlet for Frank and my sometimes riveting and enlightening conversations about sports and the sports world. Frank, genius that he is, brought up and interesting topic today, which kind of digressed into another, but hell, let's share both.

Frank's initial postulate: The LA Lakers are the only NBA team that dominate their city of all sports cities in the US that have more than one team.

The NBA, in past years, has become a largely irrelevant league. Yes, people still watch, but do you really think there are more Nuggets fans than Broncos fans? Even in Boston and New York, the Pats, Sawks, Giants, Jets, and Yankees are bigger than the Celtics and Knicks.

LA is the lone outlier, who does not have an NFL team. LA loves the Lakers. One might argue that they share the spotlight a little with the Dodgers, but really, Kobe is Los Angeles. Even in Miami, where they have three of the biggest names in baseball, the Dolphins are the bigger team. Well, let's discount Florida, do they really deserve teams? Let's be real. The NFL is dominating. There are few cities I would say baseball has a share of. New York and Boston, where their teams are national treasures; and Philly and SF, where their teams have been doing well.

Here's a recent poll showing what America's favorite sport is:

Some of it is what you might expect, with Football dominating, then Baseball and College Football following. But then look, auto racing over basketball? Who woulda thunk it? So what's up with the NBA? Why don't people care?

I think it's the Jordan plus lockout hangover. Has any star stepped up to be the nice guy the country can cheer for? No. Kobe, Lebron, Shaq, AI, Marbury, Melo, etc. A bunch of thugs. Basketball has become a bit of street ball over the past few years, and the populace hasn't responded.

I actually think things are looking up. I think that the NBA is poised for a bit of resurgeance. Durant, Granger, Howard, and others could be the answer. Lebron had a chance with the Cavs, where no one would disagree with them being bigger than the Indians or the Browns, but now they have quickly moved right back to record setting futility.

I believe, however, that there are two things standing in their way. MMA, and the NHL. I will not discuss MMA, because I am not a fan. But the NHL is growing.

Crosby, Ovechkin, Toews, and others are leading a movement that is beginning to grow interest in the sport right where The Great One left off.

Frank and I agree that Crosby is one of the most recognizable figures in sports right now, or at least more recognizable than any hockey player in a long time. Americans tuned in for the 2010 Olympic Hockey games. The Winter Classic is getting huge ratings.

In conclusion, NHL on the rise, NBA scrambling, NFL dominating, MLB just doing just fine. Go Bears!


  1. ryan anderson will be the good guy that brings back the NBA

  2. The hero we need? Or the one we deserve?