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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Green and Gold Revelry

2010 was an unbelievable season for Your San Francisco Giants. The Band of Misfits experienced an unreal turnaround at about midseason, and rode their momentum all the way into November, where they won their first World Series since 1954.

But you already knew that. You knew how good the Giants were last year. You knew about the rally thongs, the beards, the Buster Poseys, the Machines, and all the other characters who made up that magical season. How could you not? It's only been captured and memorialized at every possible happening since last November. From parades to television specials to a creation of a whole fun new band wagon of fans, we remember, respect, and dare I say, idolize the 2010 Giants. Fortunately, if you aren't a big fan of either Orange or Black, it's now 2011.

The A's / Giants rivalry is definitely something other than "storied". They really only met in exhibition matchups until 1989. The only thing on the line until then was merely city pride between Oakland and San Francisco, and it was always nice to be on the winning side. We won't talk about '89 here, but, in my opinion, Giants fans remember that sting of that series. Since the beginning of interleague play in 1997, the A's and Giants have faced each other in the regular season 6 times every year (except for four each the first two years). Over that span, the Oakland Athletics lead, 45-41. Though it tends to be something of that old rivalry, I have noticed more hostility from Giants fans since they started becoming a better ball club.

I hang out with a majority of Giants fans, and come across a bit of good-natured ribbing on a daily basis. After the Giants swept the A's in San Francisco earlier this year, I got to hear it from all of them. How much the team sucks. How much the owners suck. How much the stadium sucks. How much it must suck to be a fan. You know what? It made this weekend all the more sweeter. According to those people, your vaunted, World Series Champion Giants just lost to a team that is supposedly inferior in every single way.

Of course, the A's didn't crush the Giants, a couple bounces or breaks the other way would have doomed the A's once again. Giants fans may lament that we got lucky that Freddy and Buster weren't in the lineup. But the A's also do not have three fifths of their rotation. Tim Lincecum lost to the A's for the first time ever, against a pitcher drafted in the 34th round who was making his second career big league start. When this season started, Graham Godfrey was probably ninth or tenth on the depth chart at starting pitcher. Now he has beaten a two time Cy Young pitcher. Giants fans, you can't take that away from Mr. Godfrey, or me.

It astounded me when a Giants "fan" felt it necessary to come up to me after that game to tell me how much the A's sucked. I pointed out that his team had just lost. He pointed out again that they were better. I asked him to prove it. He pointed to the World Series Title. I pointed to Oakland's four World Series titles. He replied that those were won in the past. I pointed out that his was as well.

I had another friend so bitter from Saturday's lost that he declared, "F#@$ the A's, I won't go to Sunday's game." He cited how bad his experience was, and blamed it mostly on the stadium. It sounded to me that he was just bitter about a loss.

Yes, the Coliseum is in dire need of retirement. Yes, it would be nice if the A's were so lucky to have owners like Baer and Newkom who cared about the team. Yes, it would be nice if they would spend money on bigger additions to the lineup. But we have what we have, and those of us who remain loyal to the green and gold are proud of them nightly.

So, Giants fans: congratulations on 2010, you earned it, and I was there celebrating beside you. Congratulations on your beautiful stadium, I will continue to be astounded by its beauty. Congratulations on sweeping an inferior team at home in May, they beat us like the AAA team you thought the A's were and we hoped they weren't.

A's fans: be proud of what your team accomplished this weekend. Be proud of the new life Bob Melvin has brought to this team. Be proud of the resurgence of Hideki Matsui. Be proud of the concrete monstrosity we get to call home. Remember that we just returned the favor that the Giants gave us in May, and remember that this sweep does not mean we're the better team, we have about a half of a season left to decide that. Show up next home stand to give these guys the love they so richly deserve.

This Father's Day Weekend, the Bay Area's second class team swept it's darlings. David beat Goliath (probably not on paper, but definitely in the minds of the fans). For me, personally, I finally had something to say back to all the poop flung my way since November. And hey, who wouldn't love another Cinderella story? So until this thing all shakes out. Have a piece of pie.

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  1. They do tend do use "suck" a lot...that's how creative their heckling goes "(insert word) SUCKS!"

  2. I also had to work all afternoon Sunday, so that played a bigger factor in why I had to give up Sunday's tickets.

    But you're right. I am bitter. I'm bitter that the A's swept the Giants. I'm bitter that Aaron Rowand was used as a DH twice AND it paid off! I'm bitter that Tim hasn't been the same ever since Posey's injury. I'm bitter that Sanchez continues to be a headcase. I'm especially bitter that the A's are going through the same thing, so I can't use that fact as solace. I'm bitter because the coffee I drank this morning was extra dark.

    Yes. I am bitter. But at least the Giants are still in first place. For now.

  3. You know, I read that quote ""F#@$ the A's, I won't go to Sunday's game," and thought to myself, that sounds like Enjioh.

    Go M's, just took 2 of 3 from the best team in baseball.

    - CBKWit