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Friday, May 27, 2011

Trip Review, part 1.... written on Wednesday

Written on Wednesday.....

The A's won a game! Yes, the unbelieveable has occurred. After Cahill, Anderson, Gonzalez, and Outman all could not get the job done, Guellermo Moscoso was able to shut out the Angels for two innings and David DeJesus doubled his home run total to four as the A's finally snapped their 6 game losing streak.

I told you all not to panic. Remember? Apparently we were just hiding Moscoso until the time was right, because he looked like a grade A starter. But also remember, hubris is what brought us down before, and it will again unless we are careful. Hopefully we hit rock bottom, and it's upwards from here, but it can always get worse.

David DeJesus baffles me. Just when I'm ready to throw him over a bridge, he hits two home runs. It would be so amazing if he could reach his career averages sometime this summer. When the A's signed him, I thought, this could be the guy who can be that sparkplug to send the team over the top. He hasn't been that yet, but he seems to have an affinity for two home run games, and I am all for keeping that up. Every night. Ahhhhhh.

Anyway, more updates from day four of the road trip, or: Eric attempts to blend in as a New Yorker. How did I succeed? Poorly. But I did walk about 8 miles and was able to see much of downtown that I had not been able to see before. I now want to live in the West Village. But enough about me.

Tuesday night I was able to visit the "New" House that Ruth Built, Yankee Stadium. It's a gorgeous setting to watch a ball game, and the Steinbrenner family really did
spare zero expense to build it. My seats were here:

But then I watched a few innings from here:

And then I saw the end of the game from here:

In case you missed it, the Yankees scored 2 in the 9th and walked off with the win. Posada had a pinch hit double to get the rally started that sent the fans absolutely wild. Granderson and Teixiera had the hits to win it. CC Sabathia pitched a complete game in what looked to be a losing effort until the 9th inning heroics. That man is a horse, and a fantastic pitcher. Ricky Romero started for Toronto, and looked every bit the part of the ace. He should have earned that win had it not been for that crummy bullpen.

Even though it's brand new, the history and majesty that is Yankee Stadium is still alive and well, and the atmosphere is nothing like I've ever experienced in Oakland or San Francisco. From the store that sells real game used artifacts to the museum with baseballs signed from many former Yankees and rotating exhibits to the GIANT screen in centerfield, the Yankees have a special place to play. Very few fans are there to just have the food, or there because they have jumped on the bandwagon, or because the ticket was so cheap that it was worth and evening out. No, the grand majority of these people have been fans since birth, and they love their Yankees.

During the lineup introductions, the Yankees play this song:

Naturally, I ate it up. And even though the stadium was actually a little empty for the introductions, they still got LOUD, and when they won on the walk off, it was deafening. A's fans, what do we need to do to reach this level? Yeah, the Bronx Bombers have won 27 World Championships, but we've won 9, not too shabby. So after the A's finish this road trip, I implore you to come out in great numbers for the series against the Yankees. Don't let all the Yankee fans take the tickets like the Red Sox did during their visit.

Come in numbers and show your colors. Send them back to New York thinking that these funky Oakland folks are as zealous as New Yorkers. Please?

Let's Go Oakland!

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