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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frankie and Eric's Adventure Vol 1.

I wrote this in the Denver Airport on day one of the trip, and it needed to be shared.

It was bound to happen. Eric and Frankie were going to spend so much time together that they were to become one entity. One being. One existance. Like a married couple. It's legal in New York, people. We're going there. Think of the fireworks. Think of the oil. Not the crude oil. The baby oil.

Frankie and I, for those of you who do not talk to us on a daily basis, are on a whirlwind tour around the midwest and east coast to watch some baseball, which is, of course, all that we love and care about. Except for K-Dawg. Frankie looooooooooooooves K-Dawg. It's why he won't let me touch him. It's very upsetting.

We have been sitting, on day one, in the Denver airport, for the last 6 hours. We have had many pints of beer. The point is, we're very excited to be going on this trip. We're going to see baseball in so many different locations, that we are going to have it bleeding out of eyeballs. K-Dawg, please do not read the next sentence. Also, we might have some awkward man on man moments.

But, in case you were wondering, and forgot from the previous paragraph. we've been drinking in Denver for the past six hours. We've met a lot of new friends, including Billy Bob, Mary Rae, Kimberly, Jenna Lee, and Beau. We even had our own names of Jimmy Joe and Jim Bob. Yeah, things have been going great.

 The point here is that we're ready to give you, our loyal fans, a play by play rundown of our epic trip through the frigid/swampy nothingness that is the north, and we want you along every step of the way. So, go Giants, go A's, and here's to the journey. Get ready for some posts.

P.S. The A's rule and the Giants drool. Get ready for the three game series in Oakland, we will return the favor.

P.P.S. I just went to Dodger Stadium and it was fantastic, the company was even better.

P.P.P.S. This is Frankie. The Giants are the greatest team ever. We will destroy all opposition and confiscate your divers licenses.

P.P.P.P.S. The opinions of Frankie are not those necessarily expressed by We're In This Thing, Inc. We just did a shot of Maker's Mark. He's confused.

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